Mercure Newport is a modern and vibrant building with an industrial urban look and feel – the interior takes inspiration from the Newport Transporter bridge, which was built in 1906. The commanding structure of the bridge provides fabulous images and impressions that can be seen throughout the hotel…


Newport Transporter Bridge

The remarkable Newport Transporter Bridge is one of only six operational transporter bridges left world wide from a total of twenty constructed.

The bridge opened in 1906 and has dominated the Newport skyline since.

A transporter bridge is a suspended ferry that can operate more efficiently than a conventional ferry.

A gondola or platform is suspended from the carriage and can be pulled from one side of the river to the other by means of a hauling cable. 


Why a transporter bridge?

In 1900 Newport was a very busy port, much of it centred up river from where the Transporter Bridge now stands.

Industry was expanding on the east side of the river which, for the population largely based on the west side, meant a 4 mile walk to cross the river by the town bridge to get to work.  

A ferry operated but the ever changing times of the tide and its extreme rise and fall meant this was not a practical method of crossing for work and it was an often dangerosus crossing on ferry and ther had been many accidents. So the transpoter bridge became an ideal soloution for the busy Newport Dock.


Newport Transporter Bridge 

Currently the tranpsorter bridge site is closed until the spring of 2023 whilst the site undergoes a multi-million restoration and an exciting new visitor centre is constructed. Making an exciting new attraction for Newport visitors and local residents to explore and wonder at this jewel in Newport’s history.

The new visitor centre will show the social history of the bridge and the tidal environment of the River Usk. It will include a cafe, toilets, shop and an exhibition gallery. 



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